When the fire burns… or when my emotions run high


I wrote this piece when I was getting close to the edge. It was all that I felt but could not express aloud because I was afraid of the backlash I would receive from people I love. I’m posting this now because I believe that true honesty comes from expressing your emotions without fear and I want to be honest with you. Just remember, before you start sharpening your pitchforks, this is a rant. And besides small spelling corrections, I’ve let it largely as it was.


Once in a while, the world pushes some people way too far. It pushes and pushes and pushes them, squeezing them into tiny molds that it deems acceptable. Then one day, those people they push decide to push back. And the world points it’s finger and yells “EVIL!”. We are not misunderstood, we are not oppressed or depraved or melancholy or even looking for help. We are simply tired of being pushed by society, by peer pressure and the expectations of our loved ones. We are saying that we will dress in all black, we will listen to music that has violence and anger and rebellious youth stamped all over it. We will keep being who we are and if you have a problem with it, whether it be socially, religiously or personally, then instead of pointing your finger and accusing us of being weird, or depraved or downright insane, give us a chance to speak. You won’t like what we have to say and we won’t listen to your excuses about how you care about our futures or how people see us. But at least listen before you judge.

A friend of mine text-ed me today and asked: “When will it end? When will they learn to accept us as we are?” I couldn’t answer him because I would be lying to him if I told him some BS line from a movie I saw once. All I could say was “I don’t know”. The truth is I don’t know if society will ever accept those whose lifestyles don’t coincide with their visions of a stable, well-adjusted human being. I didn’t post this the day I wrote because I was a coward and I cared about what others thought. But I knew I would one day.

That day is today.

2 thoughts on “When the fire burns… or when my emotions run high

  1. This is so true. I love your writing.

    Sidenote: You remind me a lot of someone I met when I went back to SA for the first time last Christmas, and as I read your posts the feeling only grows, so I thought that was interesting and maybe you’d want to know haha. You’ve a similar writing talent, general outlook, and somewhat difficult childhood


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