Out of my bubble….WIN!

I visited my best friend yesterday.

While this isn’t particularly interesting, the fact is that I hadn’t seen him in two months. And he lives 10 minutes away. By foot!!

It was never the abysmal distance that stopped me however, it was the fear. The fear of being a nuisance or too much trouble. I didn’t know if he still liked the same things, if he had better friends or if he even liked me anymore.

“He’s probably busy with new friends!”, “The last thing he needs is you hanging around.” or “He’s got exams!” The screeching doubt monkey would howl into my ear each time I could lift my rear from this chair.

Yesterday, my dad had once again claimed the computer to do jeebus-knows-what on it for 6 hours and as the sun began to set behind its mountainous curtain, I just started walking. I had no plan of action, no cool one-liners or even a dorky joke to tell. If he wasn’t home, he wasn’t home and if he couldn’t hang out, he couldn’t hang out. I just turned the corner and there he was, a little chubbier than I remembered but still…

It was awesome!

We sat on his bed, eating cake batter and watching dumb YouTube videos while making crude jokes and laughing at our own stupidity. It reminded me of the fun you could have laughing with someone instead of at funny kitten videos.

It seems to me that in a world of fast paced social networks and near-instant messages, most consisting of LOL’s or ROTFL’s, we can lose touch with actual touch. And it’s easy to replace digital contact with actual contact. There’s no pressure, no need to study facial cues or expressions or body language. You can articulate what you want to say perfectly, redo replies and questions repeatedly in order not to offend people or you can simply not reply at all.

For me, the hardest part of speaking to someone is that it always felt like I had to step outside of my comfort zone in order to speak. Doubt and fear and worry about whether what I had to say was interesting or offensive or even worth mentioning at all had sown my mouth closed and glued my rump to my chair. My own bubble fort felt more like a bubble prison.

But when I let go of my fears and just did something, the reward was well worth stepping outside my comfort zone.

What about you? Have you stepped outside your comfort zone and just done something just because it felt right?

Tell me about it in your blogs. Leave a Pingback and tell us about the time you did something outside of what you were comfortable with.

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