Dreams: Potential or Hogwash?

Winter Dreaming by Josephine Wall
Winter Dreaming by Josephine Wall

Warning: This is a rant and as such, it will be left mostly unedited. If you are sensitive to grammatical errors, please leave a comment on my mistakes or if you liked the post, comment on what parts you liked. Feedback is crucial to making great content.

Ready, steady, go!!

I have a dream!

Well, I had a dream. Last night. It was like watching a movie based around an all-time childhood favorite, Coraline. It was about two brothers whose parents had tragically died in a traffic accident caused by a misplaced vegetable cart. As such, the children now live with their aunt and don’t eat vegetables. They completely abhor the stuff and spend their days burning down trees and ripping the grass from ground in the fields surrounding their aunt’s house. One day, as they are making their way to their usual hiding spot, Timmy, the younger of the two, is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, right in front of Billy’s, his other brothers, eyes. Billy, distraught and helpless, calls out to anyone who will listen and out of the ground sprouts a giant human-like creature made of wood. The creature agrees to help Billy find his brother and the two dive through the dead trunk of a giant tree into a phantasmal and horrifying reality where “all children’s fears go when they’re outgrown”. And the journey is peppered with danger and crazy characters, some who wish to help and others who wish to harm, but all based on creatures akin to children’s worst nightmares.

Can Billy summon the courage to overcome his own fears and save his brother? Or will he succumb to his hatred and fear, not only of the world that stole his family but also of himself?

The above was a dream I had today. I was injured yesterday after a skateboarding accident and had to remain sitting or lying down for a few hours. I dreamed of Billy and his brother and the whole thing played out in clay-mation (my favorite type of animation). This is a story that, if told properly, could be a favorite for the kids and the adults. I am, however, not interested in writing this story. It was a fun idea I thought up in my sleep. And it got me thinking. Why don’t we use our dreams more?

While we sleep, our sub-conscious comes to the fore-front, kicking and screaming for it’s chance to shine. All our inner most thoughts and desires are displayed behind our eye-lids and a lot of the time, we don’t remember them. Sometimes we do and we simply ignore them as flights of fancy.

If they are our most honest thoughts, why not use them to our advantage? I tell you now that even though the story is not my cup of tea, it could be worth checking out and whats wrong with trying something once or twice? It wouldn’t hurt to write a page or two and see where it goes from there.

So be honest, how many times do you have dreams that make you stop and think, and then dismiss them as casually as you would dismiss a fly?

8 thoughts on “Dreams: Potential or Hogwash?

  1. Grammar-wise, I only spotted a few missing apostrophes and one or two words out of place, but I was so wrapped up in reading it I sort of forgot to look!

    That dream was pretty interesting. I haven’t seen Coraline so I don’t know how much of it was from that, but I really liked the idea of that world where all the fears go.

    You are so right about the fact that dreams make excellent stories. I often think that, and consider jotting mine down, but I never do. I think it’s because a) I forget a lot of what happened and b) It seems almost wrong to me to change them by writing something down, because I’ll inevitably record or describe something differently from how my mind captured it, and then when I think back on it I’ll remember what I wrote, not the dream. That being said, I usually forget my dreams fairly quickly so it doesn’t much matter, does it?
    But for me, dreams are largely about how they made me feel, not what really occurred. I hate dreaming because it totally screws with you emotionally.

    Sorry, super long comment. Great post!


    1. I love your long comments! I will admit that the story changed slightly because I couldn’t remember every specific detail but I think that no matter how much we want to write something down exactly like it is in our heads. Writing, for me, is the ATTEMPT to do just that. We may never truly succeed but the least we can do is try.

      And yes, dreaming can screw you up emotionally but its better than being a husk.

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      1. What I meant was, no matter how much we want to put down exactly whats inside our heads, we will always land just shy of the mark.


    1. I’m fine, thank you for the concern. My dreams are usually in first person as well, so when I dreamed of something different, it was easier to remember.


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