Thanatos and quid

Death is always unexpected.

My question is, why?

We all know we’re going to die one day. There’s if, ands or buts about it. Yet, when when someone close to us dies, we never expect it.

This post isn’t just a random thought. Last night, my father’s best friend’s son was killed. He went outside his house and was shot four times, execution style. He was 24 years old with a wife and baby girl.

Just yesterday afternoon, his father came over and had a drink with my dad. He later went home and didn’t come back. I was unfortunately asleep by the time my parents got the call. This morning my mother and I had a discussion about what happened. She told me that his family had to be sedated, his sister, one of my childhood friends, had to write her final exams today.

It got me thinking. About the fragility of life, about how easily our candles can be snuffed out by hate or fear and about how it affects the people we care about most. I got to two main ideas:

  1. Life is an uncertainty. It’s not something that can be controlled or planned or quantified. This makes it precious. You have no idea what will happen tomorrow or the day after that, so don’t leave important things for tomorrow. Buy your wife that flower, give your mother a call, spend more time with your children, do all the things you should do today and leave everything that you can die knowing you left unfinished, for tomorrow.
  2. Hatred and anger only leads to pain. Which, in turn, leads to more hatred and anger. He was shot 4 times through the back of the head. This was pain and hatred given a physical and deadly form and it’s just bred more pain and anger. So instead of answering violence with violence or spitting vitriol against vitriol, just walk away. Don’t bring more negativity into this world.

In the end, the fact’s remain the same. A young man is dead and four men have become murderers, but we can take something from the tragedy. We can take the lesson that life is finite and thus, more precious and that hatred breeds more hatred. We can pray for his soul and hope that wherever he may be that he finds happiness and sanctuary.

Love, Peace, Empathy.

I love you all, and I’ll talk to you soon.



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