In the meantime…on my habits

My novel’s falling behind since I decided to write it out longhand, my writing dreams are getting further away and I’m falling back into my old ways. Better procrastinate by talking to you guys!!

I had 25000 words down before all my work was wiped and I recently got it back but I decided to started again. Looking at the old work, I realized I am a much better writer than back then. My prose, details, characterization and focus have improved this past year and now, with the knowledge that there is a publisher who will buy my book if it’s good enough, my dreams of being a writer are closer than ever.

Unfortunately, the art has slowed down. I found that writing longhand helped me focus more on the story but it takes me a long time to get it all down. Longhand has made everything slow down, I usually can’t get two thousand words down on paper so I try to focus on the meat of the story and any detail I can think of will be added later while typing. I guess I’m just used to using notebooks considering I started writing in high school and notebooks were always readily available.

Oh, another little tidbit about my writing habit that I discovered is that I can’t write in silence. In the classroom, people were always talking, chattering, shouting at the top of their lungs and throwing crumpled up papers around till the teacher lost her shit and bawled at them with the thundering command of a wrathful goddess. It was in those few moments of utter chaos while the teacher was away that I could steal a second or two to write something that wasn’t on the chalkboard. So I discovered something relative to that same chaos that I could use. The answer, ASMR whispering.

Basically, its people, generally pretty ladies with pleasant voices, whispering into your ears. They can be doing role play, or drawing, or silent singing, or meditation; anything that’s quiet and makes you relaxed. Now I know it sounds kind of creepy listening to people whispering to you through head phones but for me, there’s something about having someone quietly coerce you to sleep at night that just does it for me. Of course channels like this are fairly new and don’t have a lot of followers yet but I believe that whispering has some appeal to everyone.

The main reason, besides adding ambiance, is that it sends chills down my spine for some reason I don’t quite understand. It’s like a shot of adrenaline injected into my brain and sent down your back. Like those tense moments in old horror movies.

On that note, goodnight everybody. I love you very much, and I’ll talk to you soon.

P.S – Can someone donate me a Moleskine notebook?



4 thoughts on “In the meantime…on my habits

  1. Getting an inside view into your writing process was wonderful, and I find that I am the same way. I finished a novel a few years back, but it was only really finished because I skipped over sections that I later planned to flesh out. I decided to redo that novel recently, because like you said, my writing has gotten better.

    I wish you the best of luck on your novel, and I’m here for support or questions if you need it. Can’t wait to see your work published, because I know that it will happen at some point.

    Also, I don’t have a Moleskine notebook, but if I did you could have it. I have way too many plain notebooks as it is.


    1. LOL, thanks Spade! How you doing? thanks for the luck and I hope that you get your novel published too. Hope to see you at the top!


      1. I am doing pretty good for the most part. How about you? Definitely, we will see each other at the top! It’s a good way to stay positive, especially because writing a novel is not easy.


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