Blogging 101


I’ve been inspired by another blog to move all my Blogging 101 posts into page so that I can keep my home page clean and highlight my work outside of Blogging 101.

So don’t panic if you don’t see the posts on your reader, I will leave links in the Commons.

Blogging 101: Day 1 – The candle that burns on both ends

Blogging 101: Day 4 – Dear Reader…He never came back

Blogging 101: Day 5 – Love your theme

Blogging 101: Day 9 – Rough Diamonds

Blogging 101: Day 10 – BS shields or ways to hide from people

Blogging 101: Day 12 – Slices of Pie

Blogging 101: Day 14 – How I fell in love with Shane Koyczan’s poetry


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