Blogging 101: Day 12 – Slices of Pie

Memory is a capricious thing. It constantly shifts as time goes by. Two men, both standing side by side, can watch the same scene play out. A decade or two later, you can ask them what happened and get two different answers. And as the shifting sands of the Sahara, memories change from one form to another and in the end, elude our grasp. That is why I’ve decided to chronicle our amazing adventure. So that, when years go by and my mind begins to dull, my tongue loses it sharp edge and my body withers to a husk, I will be able to read this and remember the voyage of the Forgotten maiden, the first vessel to go to the deepest reaches of the unknown universe and her crew, all of whom are now spread across the galaxy.

To truly understand this story however, we have to start somewhere in the middle. Our journey home.

– Excerpt from Out of Nowhere

When I was younger, my day’s were spent with my head either buried in a book or my fist in someone’s face. I loved reading and anyone who disturbed my time flying on Hippogryphs deserved a punch in the mouth. I lived inside my imagination and it got me in trouble more times than my actual fighting!! Fiction was my,and still is, best friend. There’s nothing like a good fantasy to make you feel like a child again.

I found her on her knees, staring at our front door. Naturally I was frightened. Had something happened? I rushed over to assure her well-being. In her hands was a palm-sized box covered in badly wrung twine. But what I saw next horrified me. The light in her eyes was gone.

– Excerpt from How Emily lost her innocence

Non-fiction is a vintage I’m all too familiar with. Mystery, comedy, romance, they are all synonymous with non-fiction. If you want to laugh, cry or mull over life and all its tribulations, non-fiction is the creme de la creme of feeling. Although fiction can also stir up emotions, non-fiction’s entire purpose is to invoke feeling.

As I grew older and my own feelings of alienation grew greater, I turned to stories closer to real life. Stories about kids like me overcoming the odds and their own faults to realize their goals, like Fatboy – World on a silver platter, were my sanctuary in tough times.

So why choose? Fiction or Non-fiction, they both take us to places and introduce us to people we could never meet otherwise. Both help us overcome the strains of daily life and both give us a glimpse into the ethereal. Yes, there are times when we want excitement and adventure. But we also crave a connection to someone and reading their stories gives us this vital link. Stephen King put it best by calling writing a form of telepathy. When you read, its like someones voice in your head, guiding you through the lives of countless people in the span of a few hours.

So instead of a great divide, I simply think of them as slices of pie. Sometimes you want something sweet and other times, you want something savory. Either way, you still want pie.



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