Blogging 101: Day 5 – Love your theme!! (or choose a different one, you lazy butt!)

To be honest, today’s blogging assignment wasn’t that important to me. I equate the theme of a blog to a book cover, it should initially draw attention to the blog but it’s the content that makes people stat.

But in the end, I’ve succumbed to peer pressure and tried a few out. I’ll give some comments below on a few but I would love your feedback on them.


Celsius was the the one that I started with. I like the fact that it has this big open space with a hidden menu. It’s minimalist and I  really like that.

Suits was a little more flamboyant and it has the bonus of actually displaying my tag line.

I can’t remember the last ones name but it’s almost as minimalist as Celsius except the menu is in color. The menu kind of breaks the monotony of the theme which, in my case, would be a good thing. Am I choosing themes that are boring?

Tell me what you think.


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