Blogging 101: Day 9 – Rough Diamonds

Blog’s can be awesome but they can also be a dime a dozen.

There are millions of blogs that have never been used, some who only have 6 post’s in the space of a year, others who just take up domain names that could go towards making great content by fledgeling bloggers with amazing idea’s. I get really pissed off when people take the time to make a domain and then never post anything, it’s like holding candy above the heads of new bloggers, cruelly taunting them with their chosen domain names!

But I digress, there are a lot of great blogs out there. The one defining attribute of blogs are their diversity. With 7 billion people on the planet and millions of blogs worldwide, it’s like a writers, photographers, painters, teachers, etc. wet dream!! There is a blog for everyone.

Below are a few that caught my eye and although they may not be your cup of tea, you should still give them a look-see. Stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to something amazing. At least, for me it did.


PerelincolorsNavigating China with minimal Mandarin skills is filled with simple, yet awesome advice on how to get by in China if you can’t speak the language. As someone who desperately wants to go to China but is too lazy to learn another language, this is a must read and really funny too.

Adoption =This one is special. This short piece almost made me cry and the fact that it’s such a simple scene enhances the story even further. I hope that one day I can reach this level of story-telling. This honest heart to heart between a mother and her child can really pull at your heartstrings.

EpiphaniesNaivety is a short poem that gets to the heart of the subject quickly without messing around. I also love the tagline of Epiphanies almost as much as I like the theme.

The CrossroadsWhen I hear music is an article about how music can be used as a device to understand and empathize with a younger generation. I like how the writer uses music to communicate with her class and as a stimulant when they are lacking energy.

These are just a few blogs that caught my attention, there are millions of these gems out there and counting!! As a writer, it’s a dream come true to post my work online and get feed back from you guys but more importantly, reading great works from both professionals and non-professionals alike will make all the difference when I inevitably begin the arduous journey to publication.

Sharing stories, opinions, pictures and anything else your passionate about takes GUTS! To all who make blogs and KEEP MAKING CONTENT, I SALUTE YOU!


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